Rococo Ruffly Overdress


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In 2018, BB was invited to a rococo style party they were so excited about that they went out fabric shopping and found wonderful cotton fabric with birds, roses and all the colors in the sale section of the store alongside perfectly matching contrast fabric. Upon returning home with their large bag of goodies, they spend the next few weeks, hours at a time, sorting and cutting the washed fabrics. Then the party came and went and years passed with this project bothering BB in their mind that they never completed it. Mid 2020, needing a project to keep their hands and mind occupied, this adorable project was picked back up again, starting with a ruffly many layered underskirt’s hand stitched sequined lace bottom trim. In bursts of working on this ensemble then putting it down to focus on other things, this overdress has been created with great care and love. Finished in November 2022, this overdress has dark teal colored gathered bands with machine stitched gold braid trim on top. It has a back zipper and bow and is hand washable. Size: M


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