Tear-away bloomers


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These soft cotton blend bloomer pants are the ultimate upcycling project. The fabric yardage was gifted to BB in 2006 by a theater culling its stock.  Reminding BB of favorite vintage sheets, they held onto this special print fabric until 2016 when it was cut and sewn into two pairs of matching, tear-away bloomers for a stage duet. Needing new costume pieces for that act and not having money to buy them, they were sewn with what trim and materials B had in their collection. The last time the duo performed, the bloomers were accidentally switched as they were collected backstage, identifiable by the color of the silk ribbon bow stitched on the back. Only worn a few times during an act, these bloomers are adorned with cotton lace, hand attached sequined and beaded trim and are hand washable. Size: M


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