The Whole Story

Growing up as an only child in a small town in Ca, BB knew they were different but weren’t sure where they fit in, so after many years of frustration and loneliness, they became the leader he’d been searching so hard for without finding. At the age of 10 Beaux took a first beginning sewing class and didn’t look back. With that beginning knowledge and an old sewing machine of their mom’s, thus began a lifelong interest in creating. There weren’t lots of options for fabrics/ materials that were in fae’s reach so out of necessity, they began experimenting with what was laying around. With great patience for a sewing machine that didn’t work super easily or well, Bella worked their way through countless projects.This is where their great curiosity for how things are made and turning trash into high fashion started.

They’d go on to achieve a B.A. dual degree from U.C.S.B. in 2000 in Theater tech and Cultural Anthropology, joined the Peace corps to teach english in Cape Verde and then a masters of fine art from Academy of Art University in 2005.

Then followed surviving many years of sexual and emotional abuse. After working many different jobs in theater tech and fashion for difficult bosses and in miserable situations, it became clear to BB that they needed to remove all toxic situations and people from their life and start over. Doing just that in 2018, BB has spent the 5 years since healing their emotional wounds and finding their inner strength and light again so they can be a beacon of hope in this often dark world. Fae officially came out as queer and pansexual in 2019 and is also neurodivergent.

Their latest venture, Enby Fae, is a place for supportive community, gentle education upcycled creations for sale and to tell their remarkable thus far life story.

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